Religious Education - Children's Programs

Jesus with Children

As parents and Godparents, we accepted, at baptism, the responsibility “to assist the one baptized in living the Christian life and fulfilling faithfully the obligations flowing from it” (CCL).  Children are to be enrolled in a Religious Education Program.  Our Parish proudly fulfills its mission in the complete nurturing and faithful formation of our children through our Religious Education Program.  We offer English & Spanish language Religious Education classes for children.  Sunday mornings.

These are regular, grade-level Religious Education classes meant to continue the baptismal commitment to grow in faith.  All sacraments require a two year preparation.

The Religious Education Program of Our Lady of Guadalupe has opened registration for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year, catechesis will be offered only for the following classes:

• First year of Communion
• Second year of Communion
• RCIA for Children who need the 3 sacraments
• First year Confirmation
• Second year Confirmation
• RCIA for Adults

Registration Form: Evangelization 2019-2020     (Inscripción: Evangelización 2022-2023)
Registration Form: RCIA (Child) Yr 1 2022-2023  (Inscripción: RICAn Año 1 2022-2023)
Registration Form: RCIA (Child) Yr 2 2022-2023  (Inscripción: RICAn Año 2 2022-2023)
Sunday - Calendar Program Religious Education 2022-2023 (in Spanish)
Classroom by Grade Level 2021-2022
Requirements – Attendance Policy

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Children older than 7 years who have not been baptized will begin the classes of the catechumenate for children (RCIAc) that prepares them to celebrate their sacraments.  All sacraments require a two-year preparation.  A copy of the child’s Birth certificates must be presented at the time of registration.

First communion

Children who attended 1st grade Religious Education classes last year may be enrolled in the for First Communion Year 2 Class using the registration form below.  A copy of the child’s birth and baptismal certificates must be presented at the time of registration.

Registration Form: First Communion Yr 1 2022-2023  (Inscripción: Primera Comunión Año 1 2022-2023)
Registration Form: First Communion Yr 2 2022-2023  (Inscripción: Primera Comunión Año 2 2022-2023)
Requirements – 1st Communion Program   (in Spanish...)
RCIA Program Requirements

The cost

Early Registration

Early Registration for families who are currently enrolled begins in May and runs through the last day of the program in the Spring.  Open Registration begins July 16 thru August 19, Monday thru Thursday 9am – 6pm.  Please see the bulletin for additional times and locations.  Registrations completed after August 19th will be assessed an additional $10 fee per child.

• one child - $50 + $ Workbook Fee = $50
• two children - $70 + $ (Workbook Fees) = $70
• three children - $100+ $ (Workbook Fees) = $100
• additional children – add $15 per child.

Children must be immediate family members not cousins, etc.  For questions regarding the Religious Education Program, please contact the Director of Religious Education (DRE) at 512-478-7955.