We are a wonderful Parish because of you.  We hope everyone who came, had a great time.  A special thank you to our Food Booth Sponsors for their many days of preparation for the whole event and to the businesses who sent in donations and support throughout the year.  To the Jamaica committee members who helped on Sundays with raffle fundraising and sold all of the tee shirts, who had a grand garage sale, who coordinated an outstanding fun Bingo, who fully stocked the Silent Auction, who selected outstanding Bands, who ensured the lights came on, cashiered for many hours, set up booths with tarps and tables, kept booths stocked with paper goods, made sure the children had games to play and a train to ride, decorated inside and out making everything prettier, secured the grounds, cleaned the grounds, spreading and announcing and inviting everyone and keeping all the accounting in order.  To our entire parish staff, we want you to know how much we appreciate your consistent presence and participation in this annual festival.  It has been an eventful year and we wouldn’t have risen to the occasion the way we have without all of you stepping up your game and your degree of engagement in Jamaica 2022.  Giving thanks and being appreciative of the blessings in our lives is a good frame of mind and a good thing to do.  With that thought in mind, there’s one more group to thank and appreciate and that would be you, our parishioners!


Diamond Sponsor - $3,000 and over
Donn's BBQ

Platinum Sponsor - $2,000 and over
IBC Bank
Omar Bobadilla
Taqueria Guadalajara at 9207 North Lamar

Gold Sponsors - $1,000 and over
The Garcia Family
The DeLeon Family
Bentley Gordon
The McDonald Family
Albert and Virginia Riojas
Mo and Betty Renteria
Mission Funeral Home on Cesar Chavez
The Verastegui Family
Mary Garcia

Silver Sponsor - $500 and over
The Moncivais Family
Pauly Presley Realty
The Bergara Family
The Salazar Ramos Family
The Gamboa Family
Mrs. Esther T. Lopez
Lee Lucio - Titan Moving & Delivery
Chuck and Hope Raby
Charles and Cindy Arevalo
T&C Trucking Company
Graphic Guys
Encino Broadcasting Tejano 1600 AM
Fiesta Tortillas
R & O General Contractors
Segovia Produce
Hot Tejano app
RGD Property Holdings
Streamline General Contractors
Catherine Ferrell and Angela Duran

Bronze Sponsor - $100 and over
Connie and Joe Gonzales
Awesome Merchandise
Jose and Elvia Ramirez
John and Olga Salas
Henry Saenz
Joe's Bakery
Danny and Debbie Peña
Susan Saldana
In Loving Memory of Mrs. Catherine Piñeda Hernandez
John Martinez
Lazaro and Bridget Rocha
James and Amarisa Rodriguez
Ben and Flo Briceño
Mrs. Monica Ramirez
Jordan and Danielle and Roux Rosenblath
Lisa and Raul Lopez Jr.
Jeff and Betty Rodriguez
Cristina De La Fuente and Sofia Valadez
Weed Corley Fish Funeral Home
James Gonzales
Mrs. Monica Herrera
Ms. Carolina Cisneros
In Loving Memory of Jaime Hoshino
Juan in a Million Mexican Restaurant
Rolando and Ana Gonzalez
Mr. RoloAir A/C and Heating Company
Social Justice Ministry
Patricia Cunningham with Keller Williams Real Estate
Mendoza's Bellas Artes
La Perla Bar
Norma and Jesus Zavala

Jamaica 2022

2022 Jamaica Numbers

Jamaica Income $145,000.00
Jamaica Expenses $29,000.00
Jamaica Profit $115,000.00

2022 Jamaica Raffle Ticket Winners

Grand Prize - Sebestiana Vargas
2nd Prize - Dora Vargas
3rd Prize - Herminia Donley
4th Prize - Adam Arriaga
5th Prize - Matthew Grimaldo
6th Prize - Angie Aguilar
7th Prize - Connie Hernandez
8th Prize - Roy Jones
9th Prize - Ivan Tinajeros Montez
10th Prize - Ivan Tinajeros Montez

The Jamaica Team

Accounting – Carolina Cisneros, Jimmy Mojica
Bingo – Sharon Briceño, Ralph Briceño, Mrs. Gloria Ramirez
Entertainment – Ray Rizo, Geno Ramon
Food Booths – Julian Vasquez, Juan Vasquez
Games – Maria Rizo
Garage Sale – Julie Wade, Irma Ramirez
Grounds Engineer – Amador Verastegui
Marketing – Carlos Velasquez, Micaela Perez Piedra, Joseph Piedra
Raffle – Virginia Riojas, Gloria Castro, Theresa Saldana, Jose Roberto Velez
Security – Alicia Gonzales
Set Up – Bennie Sustaita
Silent Auction – Maria Isabel Ramon, Lupe Anzures Stafford
Tee Shirts – Debbie Lucio
Ticket Sales – Mike Guajardo and Tanya Yanez
Co-Chairpersons – Charles Arevalo (512-584-9580) and Dora Treviño, O.P. (512-441-3925).