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First Our Lady of Guadalupe School

Old School

Second Our Lady of Guadalupe School

New School

During the early part of spring, 1953, excavation and ground work were begun and on May 31, 1953 the cornerstone of the new church was laid by the Most Rev. Bishop Reicher D.D., Bishop of Austin.  From that day on, work progressed and on the Feast of the Assumption, August 15, 1954, the first Mass was celebrated in the present Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.  On the same day the Bishop also dedicated the spacious and very beautiful church.

The church today is one of the most beautiful churches in Austin.  It is spacious: it can seat about 700 people.  Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is truly a beautiful home for our Divine Saviour and a wonderful tribute to the resident Catholic people of this parish, who have supported it through the years.

On May 31, 1956, Father Herbert Hooks O.M.I., arrived to become pastor.  During his pastorate, a new convent was built in 1959, and more office space was added in the rectory.

On September 13, 1962, Father Joseph Sammon O.M.I., began his pastorate.  A year later he was named pastor of St. Mary's Church in San Antonio.

On September 9th, 1963, Father Stanley Guzik O.M.I., was appointed pastor.  Many improvements have been added since Father Stanley Guzik O.M.I. came to the parish.  Chief among these have been the construction of a new parish school and the beautifying of the church grounds.  Father Guzik is assisted now by Father Thomas O'Connor O.M.I., who also is in charge of a small mission in Pflugerville, Texas, located about 14 miles outside the city limits.