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First Graduating Class

Last Graduating Class

O.M.I., was appointed pastor.  Many improvements have been added since Father Stanley Guzik O.M.I. cam to the parish.  Chief among these have been the construction of a new parish school and the beautifying of the church grounds.  Father Guzik is assisted now by Father Thomas O'Connor O.M.I., who also is in charge of a small mission in Pflugerville, Texas, located about 14 miles outside the city limits.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is truly an impressive parish.  As one stands in front of the church on Sunday morning one can observe people coming to Mass in large numbers.  There is a special spirit evident here, a long-standing loyalty, a love of their church which they have stood by through the lean years.

    During this period of seventy-five years, many Oblate pastors and associates have labored in priestly work in this parish.  With a most sincere "Thanks be to God", Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish and its parishioners celebrate their Seventy-fifth Jubilee.  God has abundantly blessed this parish in the seventy-five years of its existence under the Oblate Fathers.  Truly the early Oblate Fathers lived and worked here according to the motto of their Congregation-which still lives on today-"He hath sent me to evangelize the poor, and the poor are evangelized."  What the future holds for this parish the next seventy-five years only God Himself knows, but if the spiritual and material growth continues and parallels the first seventy-five years, the next seventy-five will be truly golden ones too.

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