Education Building

Education Center (Fee Schedule)

Located at the northwest corner of East Ninth and Navasota streets.  Two-story school building renovated in 2001.  The center houses seven (7) classrooms, one (1) large meeting room, and two (2) restrooms.

The first floor houses four (5) classrooms and separate men and women ADA compliance restrooms.  The second floor houses three classrooms, one large meeting room, and one single restroom.  All classrooms are equipped with white write-on boards and can accommodate 30 people with tables and chairs.  Ideal for small group meetings or events.

The large meeting room upstairs accommodates 50-60 people.  It is equipped with a coffee bar, sink, TV and VCR.  This room is excellent for small breakout group settings, day retreats and more formal meetings.

Parish Facilities (Campus)